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PHP Web Development

PsdPHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a widely-used general-purpose object oriented scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP’s object oriented nature is beneficial to create classes to be reused in different parts of a project or in different projects. PHP has got good abstraction ability as it shows content and pictures with hiding other implementation details.

PHP popularly combined with SQL database platform that are being used widely for PHP Website Development. These can be used together as a very powerful tool to create dynamic websites. PHP not only create websites but also help in creating interactive shopping charts for e-commerce sites.

The maximum numbers of web applications are being developed on PHP MySQL platform due to its rapidness, cost effectiveness and easily maintainable features. Beside rapidness of development and cost effectiveness there are many open source projects like OSCommerce, Joomla, Wordpress can be easily deployed & customized with freely available plugins in PHP to develop complex and industry standard bug free web applications.

Vision IT Consultants is one of the leading PHP development companies in India. It has branches in USA, Russia and Hongkong. Vision IT Consultants has a separate team of highly trained dynamic PHP MySQL designers & Developers.

Our project manager and business manager work closely with our clients to understand the need of clients. They work in collaboration with PHP designers, developers & technical writers to develop and deploy effective & efficient PHP website. We also have a testing team which test rigorously at each stage of development of PHP websites

Apart from development and testing team we have R&D team which analyze and generate report on latest trend in industry that help in enhancement of our web solutions.

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